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If you are located in Costa Rica and would like to volunteer with us, please let us know! If you live in the United States, Canada or wherever and you want to volunteer with us, you can stay for free in my house.
You can volunteer to spend time with the dogs. They need love and care, and there is a lot to do. You can help by giving them affection, bathing them, brushing them, and spending time with them.

You can also help with spreading the word, administrative skills, or even open up your home to foster a dog or two! We could also really use some help in transporting the animals to/from the vet. Any help you can give would be appreciated!

You can tell other dog-lovers about us and help us find others who are willing to help. The dogs will be very grateful and you will get back what you are doing for them. It feels great to see a happy dog and you can never be sad watching the dogs play together or by holding them in your arms. You will recognize what it means to give and to receive love unconditionally. This is a wonderful feeling that enriches your life!

If you consider to adopt a dog please let us talk. I will help you with pleasure to find your best friend! While you are in Dogland volunteering you have time to choose!!!

Please contact me about volunteering opportunities at or contact one of our volunteers.

Candice Haddad, one of my first volunteers from the USA she wrote me after her stay in my house:
"Thank you for one of the most amazing experiences of my life and for becoming someone I will always consider a close friend and an inspiration in my life. You are truly amazing!"

You can contact Candice for more information:

Aleksandra Dorniak from Germany - creator of "Animals Guardians" in Germany - did her internship for her studies in Dogland. She is a big supporter of Dogland. She and her family adopted already three dogs from Dogland and are excited about the dogs  - beautiful, smart and sweet!!!!

Please contact her for questions for doing internship in Dogland:

Bree Norton from Australia - she is living now in England - visited us and wrote an article about Dogland. Please take a look at I will be always grateful to her.

You can contact her for questions about volunteering or about our Sponsorship program:

Tamara Tielen from Holland visited us in February 2013.

You can contact her for questions about volunteering:

Andrea Furch from Switzerland spent time in Dogland for volunteering in March/April. She is now one of my best friends and helping me with my website.

Please contact her for questions about Dogland:

Elena Wonneberger
from Germany is studying in Holland and needed one month internship. She spent the month in Dogland.

Please contact her with questions about internship: 

Coco Strayer from the USA spent time as volunteer in Dogland in 2012. She adopted a dog from Dogland.

Please contact her for questions about bringing a dog to the USA and about volunteering:

When you are resident of Canada please contact Kari Ferlatte:


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